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Secondary schools

After completing primary school, a child and it’s parents have to decide what type of secondary school the child should attend. The choice is mainly between three types of education: vocational education, senior general secondary education and pre-university education.  

The curriculum for the first three years of all types consists of general subjects. The difference between the three types becomes more clearly visible after the third year.  

  • Vocational education : This consists of a-4 year prepatory phase (VMBO) which can be followed by a 4-year phase or more in-depth vocational training (MBO).
  • Senior general secondary education (HAVO) : This lasts 5 years and is intended as a preparation for studying at a University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool)
  • Pre-university education (VWO) : This takes 6 years to complete and prepares the student to enter a Research University (such as the University of Groningen) or a University of Applied Sciences (hogeschool).  
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