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Leaving the Netherlands

Has your contract ended or is there another reason you have to leave the Netherlands? There are a number of things to be arranged before you leave the Netherlands. Please see the sections below for more information about what needs to be done before you leave.

Leaving the Netherlands

Once your contact with the University, UMCG or PThU has ended, the grounds for your legal stay based on your contract will end as well. The ISD will inform you about your intended ending date well before it arrives, so you have plenty of time to arrange an extension or apply for a different permit should you want to stay in the Netherlands.

If you do plan on leaving the Netherlands, be advised that you need to leave the Netherlands as soon as you can after your end date.

Return your residence permit card

The residence permit card is the property of the Dutch government. Therefore, if you leave the Netherlands, the residence permit card must be returned. You should also enclose the IND Form: 'Notification form for foreign nationals' in the envelope in which you send the residence permit. You can find the form on the website of the IND. Please send the residence document and form to the following address:

IND Office for Documents
P.O. Box 7025
8007 HA Zwolle

The residence document must be invalidated before sending. This can be done by cutting it (do not cut it all the way through) or by punching a hole in it. Before you return your residence card, it is a good idea to make a copy of both the front as well as the back of the card for possible future reference.

De-register at the municipality

Will you be abroad for more than 8 months in total during the next 12 months? Then notify the municipality of your move.This also applies if you return to your home country (deregister).

When you leave the Netherlands, you must deregister at the municipality. Please visit the website of your municipality for more information on how to de-register. It varies from one municipality to another on how to deregister. The municipality will automatically notify the IND about your deregistration.

Close your bank account

A lot of Dutch banks do not approve of keeping your bank account open if you do not live in the Netherlands anymore. Please contact your bank to notify them that you are leaving the Netherlands. If you decide to quit your studies during the academic year and return a few months or one year later to continue your studies, then please contact your bank to request if you can keep your bank account active while living abroad.

Terminate your health insurance

Please remember to cancel your health insurance, so that you do not unnecessarily continue to pay for your insurance.

Valid passport

In order to leave the Netherlands, you need a valid passport or another travel document. If your passport or other travel document is no longer valid, please contact the embassy of your country.

Orientation year

You can start applying for the orientation year if you currently have a permit for research. Please see the IND FAQ's on the orientation year for more specific information. Check carefully if you meet the requirements stated on the website and you can submit the application.

If you wish to stay here for any other purpose, please inform at the IND for more information.

Last modified:17 March 2023 1.56 p.m.