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About us

Meetings overview

Often the Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen (RUGCIC) organises meetings for our company members.

All meetings follow our up-to-date Corona protocol (click here).

Like to join us again soon?

Seminars for members and interested parties

The University of Groningen Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC) holds various seminars in the middle of the Netherlands for all of its members and any interested parties. Want to join our next seminar? Read more information on our upcoming seminars.

Inhouse sessions for members

In our inhouse sessions for basic members, we discuss and share our knowledge on topical customer issues. Our members often face the same issues, because they serve the same or similar customer groups. Care to join us? Go to the overview of upcoming inhouse sessions for members.

Workshops for premium members

We can come to the offices of our premium members and give workshops on a topical theme that is relevant to you. We also translate this into suitable market opportunities. Interested? Find themes which can be useful in our workshops for premium members.

Advisory board for premium members

Once a year we organise one special executive meeting: the advisory board meeting. Here we invite our premium members to discuss research topics to be covered next.

Would you like to host a meeting, too?

Do you work in the marketing department of one of our company members ? Want to host one of these meetings? All you need is a meeting room at your office!

RUGCIC will invite a dozen other companies to join us. At the meeting itself one of our presenters will give a lecture on the latest academic knowledge that will help your company make a leap forward.

And it’s always useful to know others who are facing the same issues. Together we know more than we do alone!

Want to host the next meeting? All it takes is to send an e-mail to cic

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