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UG’s 5th Erasmus+ Staff week: The ideal research support office.

04 juni 2019

From 13-17 May, UG hosted 25 participants from 16 different countries from Europe and beyond for the 5th Erasmus + staff week, organised by International Strategy and Relations, and assisted by Mobility and Scholarship Desk. The theme of this week was ‘The ideal research support office’. UG staff from the Graduate Schools, Talent Development and Funding and Research departments offered workshops and seminars relating to this topic. Both participants and UG staff look back at a very inspiring week, where best practices where shared and ideas exchanged. This might even lead to an internal follow-up on the theme ‘The ideal research support office.

Feedback from the participants:

“Thank you very much for the warm welcome and great effort in making the week a success.”'

“The week was perfectly organized and I was impressed by the great number of people from different departments of the university who participated and shared their knowledge.”'

“I heard many good ideas on how to improve our PhD support, and not only support, but the whole process of coordination, and I have these ideas not only from UofG, but from other participants also.”'

“I identified some good practices that can be implemented at my home institution. I will for sure try to promote it.”'

Erasmus+ Staff week
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