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Save the Date! Groningen in São Paulo on 23 November

18 November 2022
Picture credits: @chokniti-khongchum
Picture credits: @chokniti-khongchum

Strategic Partner Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in Brazil invited the University of Groningen to participate in the celebration of its internationalization program (PrInt), taking place on 23 November 2022.

What is PrInt?

CAPES-PrInt is a large federal program to foster the internationalization of Brazilian universities. It is financed by the Ministry of Education (CAPES) and provides funds for, in particular, Sandwich PhD students and academic visits.

The Double PhD Degree

USP and Groningen, including because of PrInt support, are a perfect match: the internationalization strategy of the University of Groningen revolves around an exploration of our potential to foster sustainable research collaboration via the co-supervision of PhD students (e.g., the ATTP Sandwich PhD program of the UMCG).

More than forty PhD students have so far benefitted from the USP-UG Double Degree (DD) PhD program. The financial opportunities offered by CAPES and FAPESP, in combination with the opportunities at UG within its PhD Scholarship Top-Up Program, provide excellent conditions for students and their supervisors to benefit from the  academic strengths of both institutions.

Over the past few years, USP and UG have worked hard to improve its joint program that is now open to students from all academic fields!

Why attend?

The PrInt meeting organized by USP on 23 November offers an opportunity to interested students from all academic fields to learn more about how to benefit from the USP-UG collaborative framework. We will obviously highlight the DD PhD, but also some opportunities for short visits to become acquainted with Groningen in advance of a possible application.

UG is scheduled for a short presentation and a Q&A at 2:45 p.m. Keep an eye on the USP website for the latest information on scheduling & location though!

Attendants & more information

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