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The University of Groningen Strategic Partnership Framework

What is the Strategic Partnership Framework?

In the Strategic Partnership Framework (SPF), the University of Groningen (UG) pursues closer cooperation with well-established partner universities outside Europe in as diverse a range of disciplines as possible. The overall coordination of the SPF resides with the Department of International Strategy & Relations (ISR).

The SPF Partners and the responsible ISR regional coordinators are:

Partner full name



ISR Coordinator

Stellenbosch University


South Africa

Anita Veltmaat

Nanyang Technological University



Tim Zwaagstra

Osaka University



Tim Zwaagstra

Universitas Gadjah Mada



Tim Zwaagstra

Universidad de Antioquia

Latin America


Joyce Fongers

Universidad de Chile

Latin America


Joyce Fongers

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Latin America


Joyce Fongers

Universidade de São Paulo

Latin America


Joyce Fongers

Macquarie University



John Falvey


The SPF aims to increase the impact of international collaboration on the quality of research and education at both the Partner and Groningen. We actively seek to enhance synergies between different collaborative actions, such as: non-degree mobility, academic matchmaking, joint PhD supervision, the pooling of resources and support for external funding applications, educational innovation, and raising visibility and awareness of the partnerships and opportunities. The SPF does not replace existing collaborations, it intends to reinforce what works, to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Main Instruments

The SPF budget consists of seed funding for travel of academic staff and selected students, as well as the organization of ISR-coordinated activities. It is up to the ISR coordinator to distribute the annual budgets, taking into account the specific demands of each partnership.

A specific aim of the SPF is to connect with UG policies for Sandwich PhD cooperation, creating opportunities for researchers to establish sustainable collaborations with their peers at the Partner, and enabling doctoral candidates to obtain a double (dual) or joint degree.

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