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International Strategy and Relations

The department of International Strategy and Relations (ISR) acts as an expert advisor to the University of Groningen community on policy and strategy for internationalisation. It is responsible (together with our university colleagues) for the development, implementation and monitoring of the internationalisation goals of the University of Groningen.

On a day to day basis, ISR is deeply engaged with the application, implementation and success of EU and region-specific projects as well as developing mutually beneficial relationships with national funding bodies around the world.

The department has oversight of the university’s membership of various international consortia as well as responsibility for the relationships with our key institutional partners. Long-term, ISR aims to create a strategic framework that supports the goals and policies of internationalisation throughout the university.

Gerdi Sterenborg, Office Manager

Joyce Fongers, Regional expert for Latin America

Jodien Houwers, Senior Policy Advisor, regional coordinator for Europe and Japan, U4 network

Regine van Groningen, Senior Policy Advisor, regional expert for Central and Eastern Europe

Xuefei Knoester-Cao, Policy Advisor, director of the Confucius Institute, regional expert for East Asia,

Alicja Sobecka, Policy Advisor, Partnerships and Agreements, regional expert for Oceania and Japan

Anita Veltmaat, Senior Policy Advisor, regional expert for South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa

Anja de Vries, Policy Officer, Erasmus + KA2 and KA3,  regional expert for North America

Maaike Wagenaar, Policy Advisor, regional expert for Middle East and North Africa

Tim Zwaagstra, Programme Manager for Southeast Asia

Jing Zheng, Project Assistant, East Asia

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