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SAC research: anyone from Groningen can reach the city centre by bike within 30 minutes

If you own an e-bike or speed pedelec, you can easily reach the city centre within only 30 minutes. This is shown in reseach by the Studenten Advies Commissie (SAC) Groningen, commissioned by Groningen Bereikbaar.

From Bedum, Eelde and Peize it is only a 30-minute bikeride by e-bike to the Grote Markt. From Baflo, Middelstum, Hoogezand, Zuidlaren, Roden, Leek and Zuidhorn it is 30 minutes if you go by speed pedelec. Because of this, e-bikes are a good alternative for cars for anyone living near Groningen, especially for those who are often caught up in the traffic jams.

Network analysis

Groningen Bereikbaar asked students from SAC to research for whom the e-bike would be a valid alternative to a car. The reason for this is to keep the city accessible for many years to come. The students made a network analysis of each road and bikelane and calculated the travel time. The over all conclusion is that nearby villages are well-connected to GRoningen and that for many commuters, Groningen is easily reached within 30 minutes. The accompanying maps show the travel times for all areas.


E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. A survey by Groningen Bereikbaar shows that almost 75% of respondents opine that 'health' is the most important reason to chose a bike over a car. 60% also finds they reach their work quicker by bike, 40% cites lower costs and 40% is motivated by sustainability to bike more often. From the reseached group, almost 70% used their bikes to travel over 10 kilometers to work.

Last modified:13 March 2020 12.39 a.m.
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