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5 ways to make your student room eco-friendly

Date:20 November 2020
Author:Green Office
Ambassador Pascale Kruize
Ambassador Pascale Kruize

In today’s day and age, sustainability is a hot topic. Governments around the world are setting goals to reduce emission and many climate activists are often covered in the news. The importance of acting sustainable is at its peak and you can help make a change as well! Even if you live in a small student house, you can still help towards a greener future. 

By Pascale Kruize

1. Choose your paint wisely.

Are you moving into a new home? Great! You might want to decorate your room to your liking. When you want to paint your walls, opt for a water- or milk-based paint. These kinds of paints are eco-friendly because they contain natural ingredients. Paints that contain natural pigments emit fewer toxins during the manufacturing process, and they also reduce air pollution indoors.

2. Buy secondhand or recycled furniture.

Every home needs some furniture! You do not need to go to big brand furniture stores to make yourself feel at home. There are more and more brands that make their couches or closets from recycled materials. These items are made from materials that otherwise might have been thrown away, and thus more sustainable. Unfortunately, these items are often quite expensive and as a student you might not have that kind of money. You can always take a look at the various second-hand stores that are located in Groningen. Pre-loved items can often be reused for years on end!

3. Add layers to your floor

If you are in that secondhand store, take a look at some cozy rugs or carpets too. They can not only add some color and style to your room, but they also help with keeping the floor insulated. With a rug on the floor, cool air cannot seep through as easily. A fluffy carpet can also keep your feet warm and the thermostat lower!

4. Make your backyard greener

Most people love a little bit of green in their home. Growing plants from a cutting you got from friends or family is a great sustainable way to achieve this. However, are you one of those lucky students that has a backyard? Then you can help with the biodiversity in the city even more! If you plant some extra plants in your backyard, it can more easily redirect warmth and water.

5. Make your current home more sustainable

Making your home more sustainable, can be in the little things. For example, by investing in curtains, you insulate your windows better as they reflect solar energy back and it decreases drafts. Secondly, If you clean your refrigerator’s coils (which are on the back of your refrigerator) regularly by removing dust and dirt it will need less power to keep your food cool. Furthermore, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, release fewer toxic metals, and they offer a longer lifespan than regular light bulbs. Lastly, if you have a clothes dryer, do not forget to clean the filter regularly. This is not only a fire hazard, but a clean filter means a lower energy consumption!

Do you have any more tips on how to make your student room sustainable? Be sure to let us know on greenoffice!


Hello! My name is Pascale, a Dutch student who just finished her bachelor’s American Studies. I am currently doing a full time board year, and when I am not busy with that, I like writing, drinking tea with friends, or binge-watching one of the many shows on Netflix.

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