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Course: Green Growth

When:Mo 18-09-2017 09:30 - 11:00
Where:University College Groningen

An innovative programme about sustainability with speakers from the UG, Hanze and professionals from the workfield. They will discuss what sustainability is, what the different aspects are, and how you can implement sustainability within your own life. The course is for students and staff members of the UG.


Sustainability is a complicated theme that is widely discussed and written about. But how can you actually contribute? During this course you will learn about the small and big steps you can take. You will discover that sustainability is not only about nature, but also to people, animals and ethics. Every lecture has a different theme. You will discover different processes related to food, waste and circulair economy. In addition, you will get an understanding of the motivation behind sustainable choices. What, for example, is the influence of your surroundings and genes? What can you do to change your behaviour and motivate others?

The focus of the course is on interaction, discussion and critical thinking. Two lectures will focus on examples of sustainability in practice. After completing this course you will be full of inspiration and knowledge about sustainability and how to contribute to sustainable society!

NB: the language of instruction is English

Dates + themes

Lecture one: 18 September - Philosophy
Lecture two: 25 September - Food
Lecture three: 9 October - Waste
Lecture four: 23 October - Changing behaviours
Lecture five: 6 November - Circular economy
Lecture six: 20 November - Inspiring example: Ameland CO2 neutral
Lecture seven: 4 December - Inspiring example (to be announced)
Symposium: 11 December

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