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New blog: Data Autonomy and Data Privacy Workshop at Noorderzon Festival

10 augustus 2023
Dali Fekete
Dali Fekete

“I don’t care about my data, I’ve got nothing to hide!” We have probably all heard someone around us say this, or even said it ourselves before learning more about data privacy and data autonomy. Yet, many are still turning a blind eye to privacy issues.

In an era where information becomes a commodity, we ought to protect ourselves (and those around us!) from the misuse of our private information. After all, there are certain things we would much rather hide. If for nothing else, then because exposing these attributes - these ‘secrets’ if you will - would affect our lives to a great extent.

Dali Fekete is Artifical Intelligence student at University College Groningen. In his blog, he discusses the ethical aspects of data autonomy and data privacy.

Roadmap to Data Autonomy

The CIT has started the discussion to investigate the possibilities of how the University of Groningen can gain more autonomy over its data in the future. Together with various representatives from across the University, we are working on a roadmap to promote data autonomy and a strategy that will enable the UG to respect, protect and promote academic freedom in the digital age.

Illustration: Dali Fekete
Illustration: Dali Fekete
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