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Education Festival Badge 2023

Education Festival Badge “Connecting the dots…”

We are pleased to announce that we are offering the opportunity to obtain a badge for the Education Festival! Staff from the University of Groningen who participate in a minimum number of activities from the Education Festival 2023 and who submit a reflection portfolio, will earn a badge.

What’s a (digital) badge?

A (digital) badge is a way of showing your achievement in a small unit of learning. As the term suggests, this is a visual documentation of competences and skills you have developed that can be showcased e.g. in social media accounts. Typical examples of the learning settings in which a badge is awarded to learners include intercultural learning, social engagement, engagement in research, project work or working in digital environments. A badge comes with information about the higher education institution that has issued it, the learning outcomes, and assessment that has been applied so that learners can demonstrate their competences.

What does the EF badge stand for?

The digital badge acknowledges your participation in the Education Festival and your engagement with the contents of the workshops and sessions held. It will help you make it transparent that you have gained knowledge about the topics and have developed competences that will help you understand, respond to, and take on different perspectives regarding your teaching practice.

How can I earn the EF badge?

To earn the badge, you need to attend at least 4 sessions of which at least two workshops and no more than one light-session. You can choose these from the festival programme. Please note that you have to register for the workshops. If you plan to earn a badge, you are also requested to register by filling out the registration form. This can be done until the start of the Education Festival on the 27th of March 2023. After participating in the festival, we ask you to reflect on your experiences in a short reflection portfolio.

And what do I do with my EF badge?

After claiming your badge, you can share it with others via a link, or - this is the most common form of sharing - add it to your profile on social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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