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Third-party Liability Insurance & University Property Insurance

This insurance covers the damage that the University suffers when third parties claim for damage they have suffered and which by law falls under our responsibility; provided that the University is liable for the damage. In general, this is the case if someone is acting on behalf of the University and makes a mistake. Because most of the questions concern this type of insurance, it will be dealt with in most detail here.

To whom does this insurance apply?

Third-party liability insurance applies to everyone who acts on behalf of the University. This includes students, scholarship students, staff, interns, employment agency staff and volunteers. It is valid all over the world, so when a student goes on a placement abroad, he or she is covered by third-party insurance. The insurance does not cover contract research/advice in the USA and Canada due to the extreme claim culture there.

What is covered by the policy?

The policy covers damage to people, goods and financial loss. As far as the latter is concerned, although this includes damage resulting from contract research it does not cover damage from patent infringement. Excess and maximum amounts apply. The excess for damage to persons is €15,000, to goods €2,500 and to financial loss €2,500. The maximum per claim is €2,500,000; however for financial loss it is €250,000. The maximum per year is €5,000,000; however for financial loss it is €500,000.

If a third party makes a claim against someone for damages, this must be reported immediately to the Legal Affairs Department (ABJZ), attn. C.J. Noordzij LLM, tel. 363 5439. Please also immediately report any instance which will probably lead to a claim.

What isn't covered by the policy?

It is important to remember that the third-party liability insurance does not cover any damage you suffer yourself. This is important when travelling abroad for the University (damage to property or accidents, including any repatriation). We recommend that when travelling abroad for the university, you take out personal travel insurance and state clearly that it is a business trip. The standard remuneration for business trips abroad is enough to cover the premiums. The travel agency that organizes our foreign business trips can arrange it.

University Property Insurance

This covers damage due to theft, fire, etc., with an excess of €100,000 per case. Books and museum collections are not covered by the insurance.

Accident Insurance for In-house Emergency Staff (BHV)

The insurance covers damage after death and permanent disability. It covers practice sessions, the trip to the practice area and actual actions. The maximum in the event of death is €113,445 and for permanent disability it is €226,890. Every year the insurance company is told how many BHV staff are to be covered. The Health, Safety and Environment Service (AMD) keeps track.

Damage to personal property while in University buildings

Staff, students and visitors are eligible for damages if they suffer damage to their personal possessions within the University, on condition that the necessary precautions have been taken. That means that the bicycle was chained and clothing and money were locked up etc. Settlements falling under this regulation are arranged by the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC).

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