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Groningen Research Assessment Protocol

The Board of the University has together with the boards of the faculties drawn up more tailored guidelines for the quality assurance of its main research units.

The national Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) states that the Board of each University is responsible for organizing its tailored research assessments within the SEP framework. The Groningen guidelines have been laid down in theGroningen Research Assessment Protocol (GRAP) in order to dovetail our research policy and aims with the SEP. It provides more detailed guidelines, procedures and formats conforming to the specific requirements of the Faculty Boards and the Board of the University.

One Groningen decision is to continue internal self-evaluations in between two external assessments, although these are no longer prescribed by the SEP. They have proven valuable since their introduction in 2003 with a previous version of the SEP. Another feature is that, for the time being, Groningen will maintain its existing research organization, including the distinction between SEP institutes and programmes, irrespective of their current size. However, our units of assessment are expected to strive for sufficient critical mass to remain nationally and internationally visible, and PRCs will be instructed to explicitly address the viability of smaller units.

The GRAP further provides guidelines for internal and national coordination, inclusion of (local and inter-university) Graduate Schools and alignment with the PDCA cycle and annual reporting and registration obligations.

Last modified:13 March 2020 12.16 a.m.