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Why a LCP?

Over the past 15 years, the University of Groningen has taken major steps towards becoming a truly international university. At present we have over a hundred English-taught Master’s degree programmes, 37 English-taught Bachelor’s degree programmes and more than 20 joint programmes with international partners. The Council has advised the Dutch government to require all higher education institutions to establish a clear language policy, ensuring good quality control of English and the provision of Dutch language and culture courses for foreign nationals. Considering the changes in both national and institutional contexts, the University of Groningen established a new Language and Culture Policy (LCP) in 2015, with English language support directed more towards qualitative measures and contextual needs, and including intercultural competences.

Language and Culture Policy

The intention of the Language and Culture Policy is to reach a balance between an accessible inclusive environment and workability/pragmatism for all students and staff, both Dutch and international. Language proficiency contributes to effective participation and inclusion in all aspects of studying and working at the University of Groningen, as well as to employability and international mobility in a context of lifelong learning. In our view, language proficiency is strongly related to intercultural competences and to teaching and research-related skills. The overall goal of the LCP to be a truly bilingual university, fostering individual multilingualism and enhancing linguistic and cultural diversity and awareness.

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