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Studium Generale | What is it like to be... an Insect - Lars Chittka

When:Tu 16-02-2021 20:00 - 21:30

Lars Chittka is a German zoologist, ethologist and ecologist distinguished for his work on the evolution of sensory systems and cognition, using insect-flower interactions as a model. His work is poised at the intersection between sensory physiology and learning psychology on the one hand, and evolutionary ecology on the other. Bees have been the organisms of choice in most of his studies, because they have a rich behavioural repertoire and amazing learning capacities, but also because of their use of spatial memory to navigate. Recently, Chittka has also become interested in the evolution of cognitive capacities and communication. In this webinar, we'll discuss 3 questions that are central to his research.

1. Can insects imagine things?

2. Do insects have emotions?

3. Can insects appreciate the outcomes of their actions?

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