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cancelled | Studium Generale | The Story of Eise Eisinga - Arjen Dijkstra

Wanneer:di 14-12-2021 20:00 - 21:30
Waar:DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, Groningen

This programme is cancelled due to the new regulations. Did you buy a ticket for this planetarium show? You will get informed about the restitution of the tickets by DOT.

At the end of the 18th century, amateur astronomer Eise Eisinga built the largest planetarium the world had ever seen. He placed it on the ceiling of the living room of his house in Franeker, in the northern part of the Netherlands. The project took him seven years of designing, building and constructing. By the time it was nearly finished, the news about the planetarium was widespread. He welcomed visitors from all over the world to explain about our solar system. The planetarium made Eisinga a celebrity. But what do we really know about Eise Eisinga? Why did he build a planetarium in his home? And what makes this planetarium so unique? In a live planetarium show, historian Arjen Dijkstra will paint a lively picture of the creator of the Franeker Planetarium.

Arjen Dijkstra is historian and Director of the University Museum in Groningen. Over the past eight years, he worked on a new biography of Eisinga De Hemelbouwer (2021, Noordboek).