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Studium Generale: Let's Ask | Energy Poverty: Is There a Way Out? - Lorenzo Squintani

When:Mo 30-01-2023 20:30 - 21:30
Where:Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva, Munnekeholm 10, Groningen

The effects of the high energy prices are being felt on different levels. Churches, universities and other large organizations that face a tripling of their energy bills are forced to close their doors or change the opening hours to save energy. Students are shivering in their homes because they have to turn off their heating to cut the energy costs. Some households have to save on other basic necessities such as food and clothing to be able to cover the energy bills. These are just a few examples of  people or institutions that have been hit hard by the energy crisis, for some leading up to a point that they experience 'energy poverty'. But what does it mean to be ‘energy poor’? What are the causes? Is it fair that some are increasingly affected by energy poverty, while others are not? And are there any sustainable solutions for energy poverty? Professor of Energy Law Lorenzo Squintani discusses these and more (of your) questions during this edition of Let’s Ask. 

Organised by Studium Generale Groningen en Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva.

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