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Public Academy lecture 'Juvenile crime' 6 October 2022

When:Th 06-10-2022 19:00 - 21:00
Where:Geertsemazaal Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen
public academy Juvenile crime

On 6 October, the Public Academy for Jurisprudence will discuss juvenile crime, the 'young generation'.

How does a criminal case proceed with young people? How does juvenile criminal law differ from regular criminal law? How large is the group of young recruits and is it getting bigger? What signals can parents and teachers pay attention to and what can you do yourself to get a young person out of the arms of crime?

The Public Academy for the Judiciary on October 6 is about juvenile crime. Public prosecutor Amrah Hertogs, coordinating juvenile judge Simone Zwarts and juvenile criminal law teacher Ester Post answer the above questions and share their experiences and findings. Finally, there is an opportunity to ask questions. The evening will be supervised by Dagblad van het Noorden reporter Leonie Sinnema.

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You can attend this Public Academy free of charge. However, registration is required and can be done on the Dagblad van het Noorden site using the link below.

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The Public Academy for Jurisprudence

Through lectures aimed at the general public, the Publieksacademie voor de Rechtspraak (Public Academy for Jurisprudence) seeks to satisfy this immense interest. Judges, public prosecutors, professors and other experts discuss legal topics that affect many people. The lectures are suitable for a wide audience and do not require knowledge of the law.

The Public Academy is a collaboration between the Court of the Northern Netherlands, the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen, the Northern Netherlands Public Prosecution Service and the Dagblad van het Noorden newspaper.

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