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European Researchers’ Night

When:Fr 30-09-2022
Where:Forum Groningen
European Researchers’ Night poster

On the first weekend of October, Groningen will be celebrating the national Science Weekend. The weekend begins on Friday 30 September with European Researchers’ Night, which will be held in Forum Groningen and is open to all researchers, students, and interested guests. This year, the theme is ‘Women & Science’. European Researchers’ Night will be seamlessly followed by Zpannend Zernike, a free science festival for primary-school-aged children and their parents or guardians, held on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October. View the full programme and the participating locations!

European Researchers’ Night
On Friday 30 September, European Researchers’ Night will be organized across Europe to celebrate and question science. In Groningen, we will be celebrating the night in Forum Groningen between 7 and 11 p.m. with a talk show, music, quizzes, interactive exhibitions, and a drinks reception.

This year, the theme in Groningen is ‘Women & Science’. It was, after all, in our city that women made history in science, with Aletta Jacobs as the first female student and Jantina Tammes as the first female professor in the Netherlands. For years now, more women than men have been awarded PhDs at the UG, and the first female Rector Magnificus was recently appointed. Still, we are not there yet.

Women’s rights are under pressure, female professionals are still underrepresented in top positions, and women are far less likely than men to be research subjects, for instance in studies on how medicines work. At the same time, women’s perspectives are needed more than ever. We can only approach societal challenges like climate change, digitization, health, and a fair society effectively by using an inclusive and interdisciplinary lens.

How do we ensure an inclusive perspective on societal challenges? We will try to answer this question over the course of the evening through discussions, debates, interactive exhibitions, and much more as moderated by presenter Anna Gimbrère. The full program can be downloaded here.

Will you join to listen, talk, and be quizzed on the evening of Friday 30 September? All researchers, staff members, students, and interested guests are warmly welcome. The free tickets to follow the program have all been given. You can put yourself on the waiting list to be eligible for a vacant spot. In any case, you are very welcome to come to Forum Groningen without tickets, we have arranged that the program can be followed via a live stream at the science expo in the Atrium of Forum Groningen.

Both Dutch and English will be spoken during the programme.

European Researchers’ Night and Zpannend Zernike are partly financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, grant agreement no. 101060416.

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