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TechTalks050: Faster recovery from COVID-19

When:Mo 15-02-2021 20:00 - 21:15
Where:Online via Forum

Technological developments in rehabilitation care

An (intelligent) lockdown, XL testing lanes, vaccines: every day, we are seeing news items on the prevention of COVID-19 infections being published. At the same time, technology companies and the healthcare industry are working together on innovative developments for faster recovery of patients infected with COVID-19.

To this end, workplace rehabilitation centre Beatrixoord Arbeid conducted research into a new treatment plan for UMCG staff who had contracted a mild form of the coronavirus. The treatment plan had a positive effect on the patients’ recovery process during their final step towards daily life and work. This was helped by the successful deployment of technology and by the sharing of new knowledge. Ronald Stevens, director of B.V. Beatrixoord, will explain the treatment from his own experience with COVID-19.

The Groningen company Lode wanted to start rehabilitation as soon as possible during the first experiences with recovering covid-19 patients. They developed the bed-ergometer: a training device that can be placed over a bed and measures strain in an interactive manner. Ton Rademaker, director of Lode BV, will take us along with him in the development process and will discuss the challenges that he faced along the way.

Finally, UMCG rehabilitation pulmonologist David Koster will explain his findings and experiences regarding infection with and recovery from COVID-19.

Live stream

The evening can be joined via live stream or watched afterwards on Platform F. More information on the Forum website.

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