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Groningen Together 2021: Get Involved!

Wanneer:wo 22-09-2021 13:00 - 17:00
Waar:Stadskerk, Friesestraatweg 221

On Wednesday, 22th of September the University organizes ‘Groningen Together- Get Involved’, an event with information sessions for board members of student organizations or students in co-governance bodies (U-council, Faculty Boards, Programme committees).

Topics we will address are for example:

  • Rights & duties for co-governance bodies
  • Alcohol and substance (ab)use in your student organisation
  • Internationalization & Inclusion
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Reading a budget

Groningen Together’ is all about student participation in governing bodies at the University. Groningen Together will give you the ins and outs of co-governance. It is important that your voice is heard, but how can you get involved? And once a member of a committee, council or board, how does this work? What rights and duties do you have? How does the UG financial structure work? And how do you reach your fellow students with your message? These and other interesting topics will be addressed on ‘Groningen Together’.

When? Wednesday, September 22nd, from 13.00 to 17.30
Where? Stadskerk, Friesestraatweg 221, Groningen

Due to the covid regulations, we can host a maximum of 75 participants. Therefore, a maximum of 2 students per organization can participate. Registration is required.


13:00 Welcome

13:15 Plenary session: Get Involved

How can students participate in voluntary work in the city of Groningen

14:00 Workshop round 1

Communication: tips to write a newsletter & use of social media
By Rutger Brood

Engaging your audience: How do you set up a newsletter that people actually read? Do you post pretty pictures of Groningen that get the most Likes, or do you stick to relevant topics on your social media channels? Find out which approach works best for you and your association.

Confidential Advisor UG
Marjolein Renker & Qing Gong

In this session, Marjolein Renker and Qing Gong will explain the role of the confidential advisor at the University of Groningen as well as the sources of support offered to students both within and outside of the university. We would like to discuss 1) how to handle various scenarios in the context of undesirable behaviors; and 2) what skills are essential for the work of confidential advisors or anyone in a similar function.

Finances at UG and how to read a Budget
By Mathijs Bakker

In this workshop you will learn about the financial structures of the University and how you can read a University of Faculty budget.

Rights & Duties for Faculty Boards
By Kaj Reker

A lot can be said about the Rights and Duties of Faculty councils and - Boards at the University of Groningen. This will be a short version of that and also give you an idea about how to apply the rules in order to make a real difference.

14:45 Break

15:15 Workshop round 2

Rights and Duties for Programme Committees
By Marjolein Wiltvank & Inge Feenstra

In this workshop we will discuss the rights and duties of the Programme Committee (PC). We will cover subjects such as the role and position of the PC, the PC and the TER and quality assurance by the PC.

Intercultural Awareness -Building an Inclusive Environment
By Michaela Carrière (Language Centre)

This course provides you the knowledge and skills to practice and develop intercultural competence as relevant to international association.

Alcohol and substance (ab)use
By Bill de Smeth (VNN)

During this workshop we talk about experiences within the study or student associations and what the participants think is a good way to prevent excessive/problematic behavior regarding alcohol and drug use. For example, should this be done by means of information? In which phase of the academic year and how and by whom could this information be given? By means of a Kahoot we reflect on the prevention of excessive alcohol and drug use. Kahoot helps to measure knowledge in a playful and competitive way. The participant with the most resource knowledge wins a small prize.

16:00 Plenary Panel discussion on “Inclusion on Internationalisation”

Moderator: Adnan El Kharbotly - Assessor CvB

16.45 - 17.30 Closing and drinks

Groningen Together 2020: Make the University Work!

The online sessions of the 2020 edition of Groningen Together can be viewed on the Student Portal .