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TechTalks050: Just hop in – How will autonomous transport change the way we travel?

When:Mo 19-10-2020 20:00 - 21:45
Where:Rabo Studio, Forum Groningen

Update concerning extra corona measures announced on 28 September

Forum is still open to the public and is doing everything to stay open and keep it safe for all visitors. TechTalks050 is still welcoming you on 19 October in the Forum. However, the stricter measures do not allow us to organize drinks afterwards. Also there is a maximum of 80 seats. Please read the updated guidelines of Forum before visiting.

How will autonomous transport change the way we travel? Self-driving, self-flying, self-sailing: autonomous mobility is developing at lightning speed. A growing number of cars, trains, boats and drones are travelling independently, without the need for a human driver. And it’s not science fiction – soon we’ll come across them every day. But what implications will that have for the infrastructure, other modes of transport and our way of travelling?

Prof. Bayu Jayawardhana is Professor of Mechatronics and Control of Nonlinear Systems at the University of Groningen. He will be giving an update on technological developments in the field of autonomy and autonomous vehicles and explaining how we can prepare for this.

Yvonne Dubben (Development Manager at Arriva) will be discussing the technology behind Arriva’s self-driving train, which completed test runs in the north of the country at the beginning of this year. She will also share the experiences of passengers who took part in the test journeys. Will this innovation change the way we travel by train?

Following the two talks, there will be time for questions from the audience. The speakers and the audience will also debate a number of statements on the effects of autonomous mobility in our daily lives. The event will conclude with a Tech drinks reception, at which attendees have the opportunity to chat to each other and share their knowledge, experience and passion for the field.

Tickets are available via Forum Groningen. Due to the coronavirus measures there are limited seats available. The ticket price includes one beverage at the drinks reception.

This event will be in Dutch.

TechTalks050 is an initiative of the Center for Information Technology (University of Groningen) and is a collaboration between partners of the University of Groningen (Industry Relations and Groningen Digital Business Centre), Forum Groningen and 5Groningen. TechTalks050 is supported by the Municipality of Groningen, Campus Groningen, RDW, TKP and NDC Mediagroep.

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