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Groningen Together 2020

When:Th 24-09-2020 10:00 - 17:00

On Thursday, 24th of September the University will organise ‘Groningen Together’, an online event that will inform you about student participation in governing bodies at the university. Groningen Together will give you the ins and outs of co-governance.

It is important that your voice is heard, but how can you get involved? And once a member of a committee, council or board, how does this work? What rights and duties do you have? How does the UG financial structure work? And how do you reach your fellow students with your message? These and other interesting topics will be addressed on ‘Groningen Together’.

Date: Thursday, 24th of September
Time: Starting at 10 pm, individual sessions will be livestreamed all day
For whom: University council, Faculty councils, Programme committees and student/study associations



Opening & presentation on Governance Structure at UG

By dr. Stephan van Galen, Secretary-General of the University

10.50- 11.25

Finances at UG and how to read a budget

By Else Schoenmaker, Corporate Control


Communication - How to reach your fellow student and motivate them to participate?

By Jorien Bakker, Spokesperson / Senior Communication Advisor

13.30- 14:05

Student experiences in Governance

By Floor Buigel and Manuel Pinto Reyes


Rights & Duties of the co-governing bodies

By Kai Reker, Official secretary of the representative advisory body Bureau and registrar of University Council


OER: Teaching and Examination Regulations how do they come about?

By Marjolein Wiltvank, Legal advisor


Inclusive student life in co-governance and associations: How to achieve this and success stories