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Energy Lecture: Industry in Transition, by John Kerkhoven of Quintel Intelligence

When:Th 20-04-2017 16:00 - 17:30
Where:Energy Academy Building, Nijenborgh 6, Zernike, Groningen. Lecture Room 5159.0029 (ground floor).

What is the future of the energy intensive industries in a climate neutral society? What trends, often not under the control of a particular industry, will determine how the current energy intensive industry will change? John Kerkhoven, founder and partner of Quintel Intelligence will discuss the latest company publication (publ March 2017) on the subject.

Many factors influence our energy consumption. Not just efficiency, product and service improvements but also factors outside of the energy industry should be taken into account when projecting our future energy requirements.

We know that a climate neutral society will likely have a high percentage of electric vehicles. And since electric vehicles will not need petrol, what will happen to the refineries? And what if the Chemcial industry starts using more biomass as a feedstock, what will happen to the refineries? And if the refineries are heavily impacted what will the new strategy of the oil companies be?

During his lecture John Kerkhoven will discuss the latest Quintel publication: The Future of the Dutch Energy Intensive Industry in a Climate Neutral Society – The Story – , March 2017. It is advised to come prepared for the discussion by reading the story.

John Kerkhoven, Quintel Intelligence
Quintel Intelligence is a Dutch energy modeling and research firm assisting governments, companies and institutions around the world in determining and quantifying their long-term energy strategies. Quintel has a special focus on  Energy Research, Energy Modeling and High Performance Web Apps

John Kerkhoven is partner at and founder of Quintel Intelligence. He has over 30 years of experience in the technology and energy industry and is passionate about energy transition, designing his own house to be energy neutral. Driving fully electric and living on a strictly vegan diet for the last 10 years.

Energy Lecture: Industry in Transition, by John Kerkhoven of Quintel Intelligence