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Energy Debate: “The Future of the Dutch Agreement on Energy (Energieakkoord)”

When:Th 22-06-2017 15:00 - 17:00
Where:EnTranCe, Zernike Campus

What should the new, to be established Dutch government coalition do to update the Dutch national Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth (Energieakkoord), if at all? Which actors should be the driving forces behind the energy transition? And is this Agreement even the correct way of reaching the goals set in the Paris Agreement? Come and discuss these questions from different perspectives with a panel of expert speakers.

In September 2013 more than 40 Dutch stakeholder organizations signed the Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth, generally known as the ‘Energieakkoord’. However, with experts predicting the Netherlands will be falling short of the Paris Agreement on sustainability, the next government coalition is faced with the question ‘Should the Dutch Agreement on Energy be updated?’. This question will be the major theme of this Energy Academy’s Energy Debate.

Join us in discussing the matters at hand with a panel of debaters with different perspectives on the Agreement/Energieakkoord.

The Agreement (Energieakkoord)
Upon committing to the ‘Energieakkoord’, the Netherlands has taken a significant step towards realizing a sustainable future. Over 40 organizations, including national and regional governments, financial institutions, trade unions and NGOs signed ‘The Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth’, thereby marking the start of the transition to a sustainable energy future in the Netherlands. Apart from other long-term actions, signatories to the Agreement share responsibility and commitment to achieve four overarching objectives:

  • Average energy efficiency saving of 1.5% per year
  • Increase of renewable energy in the Netherlands’ total consumption to 14% by 2020
  • A further increase in that proportion to 16% by 2023 (compared to 4.5% in 2013);
  • Creation of 15,000 jobs, a large share of which will be created in the next few years.

According to experts however, these targets fall short of the goals set by the Paris Agreement. In light of this statement, one may wonder what measures the Netherlands must take to comply with the Paris Agreement and what impact these measures will have on economic growth in the Netherlands or on the Dutch energy sector.

Energy Debate