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‘Blockchain in education’ conference

When:Tu 05-09-2017 09:00 - 17:30
Where:Academy Building

Blockchain is a new way of encrypting information and simultaneously storing it in different places. Its most important feature is that the stored data can no longer be changed or deleted. Blockchain technology uses decentralized networks and thus avoids a central party determining or changing the rules. All blockchain transactions are encrypted, public and completely transparent, and therefore safer and more reliable.

So what does the development and use of blockchain mean for the education world in a time when we are looking for ways to facilitate more personalized learning pathways and curricula no longer stay within traditional boundaries? What does this imply for how education is being funded? And for lifelong learning? What will it mean for the Human Capital Agenda and the development and attraction of talented staff?

During the ‘Blockchain in education’ conference, we will examine these issues and how the collaboration between education (MBO, HO, WO), municipalities and the business world is gaining a new dimension. Regional, national and international experts will be coming to Groningen to give inspiring keynote lectures and take part in the public debate. In the afternoon there will be parallel sessions, several workshops and demonstrations of prototypes of practical applications.

This conference will discuss the unique chances and possible risks of blockchain applications in education on the basis of demonstrations of the first applications and prototypes, created with the help of the combined expertise and unique support of the University of Groningen (UG), the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, DUO, ICTU, the Municipality and Province of Groningen, TNO, Quintor, StePS (Stichting ePortfolio Support), Groningen Declaration Network (GDN), Learning Machine USA, Joint Research Centre EU, the Rabobank and the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon. The chair on 5 September will be Jan de Jeu.

Blockchain in Education
Blockchain in Education
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