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About us Medical Sciences Research Researchers Institutes and Programmes
University Medical Center Groningen

UMCG Research Institutes & Research Programmes

UMCG's multidisciplinary Research Programmes are organised in five Research Institutes. Each Institute covers a specific part of the UMCG research area. By establishing numerous international research projects and strategic alliances over the past, research within the Institutes bridged national boundaries. Especially for the UMCG focus "Active and Healty Ageing" international collaboration is required and prepares the UMCG to contribute to this global challenge. For every UMCG Research Programme the relevance for Healthy Ageing is defined.

Regarding the training and education of future scientists (MSc and PhD) the five Research Institutes collaborate in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences assuring the incorporation of state of the art scientific know-how.


  1. Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE): Chronic Diseases and Drug Exploration (Research programmes GUIDE)
  2. Brain and Cognition (BRAIN): Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Research programmes BRAIN)
  3. Science in Healthy Ageing and healthcaRE (SHARE): Science in Healthy Ageing and healthcaRE (Research programmes SHARE)
  4. W.J. Kolff Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science: Biomaterials (Research programmes W.J.Kolff)
  5. Cancer Research Center Groningen (CRCG): Fundamental, Clinical and Translational Cancer Research (Research programmes CRCG)


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