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R. (Ritumbra) Manuvie, Dr

Assistant Professor


My research focuses on two areas of citizenship.
1. Rights and citizenship in the virtual world - I imagine virtual spaces as expanding geographies, where norms, values, and communities of digital citizens are evolving. Social media platforms have become an extension of our cultures, polity, and economy. Every day millions of people around the world redefine cultural norms, assert their political identities, and monetize the platforms for gainful living. But who determines the nature of rights (especially the nature of the right to freedom of expression) on these platforms? Can the platforms which are controlled by monopolistic tech companies, truly be a space of citizenship much less responsible citizenship? How does a digital citizen who lives in a bubble shape their worldview? How do they reach out for varied forms of information to form opinions? Can they burst the information bubbles that surround them? These are some of the questions I explore while simultaneously entering into the rabbit holes of disinformation, digitally generated social movements, and circles of hate.
2. Construction of citizenship in the real world, especially in geographies that are becoming uninhabitable due to climate change. This is a work that I started during my doctoral studies at Edinburgh, and I continue to look at both online and offline citizenship (especially the question of citizenship -exclusion, and 'othering') from the lens of vulnerabilities in the face of climate change.

Both these strands of the scholarship allow me to explore how our future societies will develop, and who humanity might forever leave behind.

Other positions

Research Fellow, Security Technology and E-Privacy
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Foundation the London Story
Chair of the Steering Committee, Eu-India People's Summit
Co-Chair, India on the Brink Summit
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