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Interpreting mismatches between linguistic and genetic patterns among speakers of Tanimuka (Eastern Tukanoan) and Yukuna (Arawakan)

Multidisciplinary approaches to the Amazonian past: Introduction to the theme issue

Northern Aymaran Toponymy, Revisited: A Systematic Approach to the Linguistic Origins of Place Names


The Andean-Amazonian interface: Sociolinguistic relations and areal-typological patterns

The social lives of isolates (and small language families): The case of the Northwest Amazon

Farmer Talk: Facing language problems in Peru's new coffee economy

Getting Funding and Support

Language, Coffee, and Migration on an Andean-Amazonian Frontier

On the polymorphemic genesis of some Proto-Quechuan roots: Establishing and interpreting non-random form/meaning correspondences on the basis of a cross-linguistic polysemy network

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