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Evidence for European presence in the Americas in ad 1021

Radiocarbon-based approach capable of subannual precision resolves the origins of the site of Por-Bajin

A 5700 year-old human genome and oral microbiome from chewed birch pitch

Anchoring historical sequences using a new source of astro-chronological tie-points

Radiocarbon-based chronology for dynastic Egypt

No compelling evidence for early small-scale animal husbandry in Atlantic NW Europe

A revised AMS and tephra chronology for the Late Middle to Early Upper Paleolithic occupations of Ortvale Klde, Republic of Georgia

An independent assessment of uncertainty for radiocarbon analysis with the new generation high-yield accelerator mass spectrometers

Before animal husbandry: Investigating the beginning of animal husbandry in the Dutch wetlands through zooarchaeology, palaeogenomics, stable isotope analysis, and high-precision radiocarbon chronology

Human–environment interactions at a short-lived Arctic mine and the long-term response of the local tundra vegetation

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Vikings were in North America 1,000 years ago

Científicos afirman que los vikingos llegaron a América 471 años antes que Colón

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Sonnensturm und Holz gaben Hinweise: Wikinger lebten bereits im Jahr 1021 in Nordamerika

Adiós, Colón: Vikingos cruzaron el Atlántico hace 1.000 años

New research dates Viking trans-Atlantic voyages to 1,000 years ago

Een exact bouwjaar voor een vreemd complex NRC nieuws

The freak solar flares that may destroy us all

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