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Research interests

Maryam's main research are in active vibration control, nonlinear dynamics and energy harvesting. She develops novel control strategies to either suppress undesirable vibrations in engineering structures, or to enhance vibrations for energy harvesting. She incorporates nonlinearities in the design of controllers and energy harvesters to improve their performance. She is also interested to work on advanced optical measurement techniques to obtain full 3D vibration data using high speed cameras for health monitoring and control purposes.



Pole Placement of a Nonlinear Electromagnetic System by the Receptance Method

Eigenvalue Assignment of a Nonlinear Electromagnetic System by the Receptance Method: Theory and Experiment

Eigenvalue sensitivity minimisation for robust pole placement by the receptance method

Virtual sensing of wheel direction from redundant sensors in aircraft ground-steering systems

Active nonlinear control of a stroke limited inertial actuator: Theory and experiment

Active control of stick-slip torsional vibrations in drill-strings

Active vibration control using a nonlinear inertial actuator

Energy harvester for harvesting energy from broadband ambient vibrations

Energy Harvesting from Two Coupled Beams with Piezoelectic Patches

Experimental implementation of a nonlinear feedback controller for a stroke limited inertial actuator

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