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K. Rehlmeyer

PhD student
K. Rehlmeyer

PhD project: Exploring Possibilities for Subtidal Seagrass Restoration in the Dutch Wadden Sea

Seagrass ecosystems provide important services such as sequestrating carbon and increasing biodiversity. In the past, the Dutch Wadden Sea provided habitat to extensive subtidal eelgrass meadows. However, the wasting disease in the 1930's led to a sharp decline of the seagrass population. The building of the Enclosure Dam in 1936 formed an additional challange for recovery, since environmental conditions such as water turbidity, current velocities and wave heights greatly changed. Until present, the subtidal seagrass population remains absent. 

In my PhD project, I will explore possibilities for the restoration of subtidal seagrass in the Dutch Wadden Sea. For this, I will build an opportunities map based on measurements of different environmental parameters, literature and modelling, assessing which parts of the Sea are most suited for subtidal seagrass restoration.

My PhD trajectory is part of the Wadden Mosaic, a project which focusses on the biodiversity and variation in the subtidal zone, i.e. the underwater landscape, of the Dutch Wadden Sea.

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