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dr. K.R.E. (Eelko) Huizingh

Associate Professor
Profile picture of dr. K.R.E. (Eelko) Huizingh

Eelko Huizingh has a broad interest in issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. He is currently involved in various research projects, including the following topics:

  • Valley of Death: how to overcome the gap between inventing new technologies and using them to develop commercially interesting new products? This question is addressed in a range of smaller projects and a Special Issue for Technovation.
  • Wicked problem solving: how to tackle complex problems, such as sustainability issues, by involving multiple stakeholders and overcoming possible resistance.
  • Innovation contests: how can firms acquire and benefit from solutions provided by informed outsiders? PhD project, multiple papers.
  • New product portfolio management: how do firms decide which projects to invest in while taking into account issues such as alignment with firm mission & strategy, available budgets, market attractiveness, new technologies, and the necessity to explore new growth opportunities?
  • Learning from history: it is tempting to think that everything will be different in the future, in reality history contains many lessons valuable for solving current (management and societal) problems. How to find such lessons and how to benefit from them?
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