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prof. dr. J.H. (Harry) Garretsen

Professor of International Economics & Business; Director 'In the LEAD'
Profile picture of prof. dr. J.H. (Harry) Garretsen
+31 50 36 33458 (Secretary department GEM)


  • BA (1984, cum laude), MSc (1987, cum laude), and PhD (1991) in economics from the University of Groningen.
  • Title PhD thesis: Beyond the Invisible Hand, How to Extend Keynes’ Analysis of the Coordination Problem (PhD supervisor: S.K. Kuipers)

Present position:

Professor of International Economics and Business, University of Groningen (as of September 2008)

Director of centre of expertise In the LEAD, University of Groningen (as of September 2016)


Other current affiliations: 

  • Senior Visiting Fellow, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge;
  • Member, St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge;
  • CESifo Research Fellow, CESifo institute and University of Munich;

Previous positions:

  • Dean of the Faculty Economics and Business, University of Groningen (March 2011- May 2016) 
  • Professor of International Economics, Utrecht University (2002-2008);
  • Professor of Economic Theory and Policy, Radboud University Nijmegen (1996-2002);
  • Senior Policy Staff Member Dutch central bank (1993-1996);
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Groningen (1991-1993).

Teaching experience:
undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses in geographical, urban and regional economics, international economics, international business, macroeconomics, monetary and financial economics, institutional economics.

Teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate level includes not only courses for students who major in economics but also courses for students who major in political science, geography, and environmental studies (Nijmegen), law and geography (Utrecht), international business (Groningen).


  • main area of research: geographical economics, incorporating insights from international, regional and urban economics, and leadership, managment & economics.
  • other areas of research: international economics, international business, (new) Keynesian macroeconomics, monetary policy and financial institutions.
  • recent refereeing/editing experience in the field of geographical economics (as of January 2004): Regional Studies, J of Regional Science, Spatial Economic Analysis, Environment and Planning A, J of Economic Geography, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Papers in Regional Science, Annals of Regional Science; Economic Geography; Econometrica, Leadership Quarterly
    publishers: Cambridge UP, MIT Press;
  • other recent refereeing: J of Banking and Finance, J of Macroeconomics, J of International Business Studies Scandinavian J of Economics, De Economist, European Journal of Political Economy; Cambridge J of Economics; International Tax and Public Finance; Oxford Econ Papers, CESifo Economic Studies; Economic Journal
  • editorial board memberships:
    editorial board member Journal of Economic Geography (2011-  ); Journal of Regional Science (2011-  ); Papers in Regional Science (2006- ); Leadership Quarterly (2016 -),guest-editor (2006) Regional Science and Urban Economics, guest-editor (2010) Journal of Economic Geography; co-editor Spatial Economic Analysis; co-editor Cambridge Journal of the Regions, Economy and Society; editorial review board member J of International Business Studies; co-editor of Me Judice blog (Dutch discussion website on economics,;
  • PhD supervision:
    - main supervisor of 12 PhD finished projects; currently 5 PhD projects as (co)-supervisor, from 1996 onwards on 40+ occasions member of a PhD thesis committee;
    - honorary promotor on the occasion of the honorary doctorate to professor Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Utrecht University, March 26th 2008; honorary promotor on the occasion of the honorary doctorate to professor Dani Rodrik (Princeton), University of Groningen.
  • fellowships:
    fellow of NAKE (Dutch network for PhD courses in economics); research fellow CESifo Munich; research associate HWWA Hamburg (2002-2005); visiting fellow University of Cambridge; SOM research fellow, University of Groningen.
  • recent involvement in contract research and consultancy:
    Centraal Planbureau (2005), Ministry of Economic Affairs (via SEO, 2008); World Bank (2008, 2009); NICIS institute for city research (2009- ); DG-Regio EU (via a.o. Cambridge Econometrics, 2008- 2012)


  • recent advisory positions:
    - Deputy Crown Member (plv. kroonlid) Social Economic Council (SER) in The Netherlands (2004 -2014 )
    - Member of advisory committee to the Secretary of Education (2005-2007);
    - Member of board of supervisors (centrale plancie.) of the Netherlands’ Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis (Centraal Planbureau CPB), (2004 -2011 )
    -Official research assessment of research by Dutch central bank (joint with Andrew Hughes-Hallett); October 2008; Member research assessment committee Bundesbank, Spring 2011
    - Member of the Prof dr P Hennipman jury and of the board of Stichting Mr N.G. Pierson Fonds
    - Member of Universitaire Wetenschapscie. 2009-2011, University of Groningen
    - Member Bank Council (Bankraad) De Nederlandsche ank, (as of 2012)
  • - Member domainboard Social Sciences and Humanities at Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)                                                                           
  • visiting scholar at Yale University (summer 1999), University of Cambridge (Trinity College, summer 2000), Munich University (winter 2002), Princeton University (summer 2003), University of Cambridge (present)
  • economic journalism:
    - co-producer of two TV-documentaries (“path-dependency, location and economics” and “J.M. Keynes and the General Theory”);
    - column on economic affairs in FEM Business (largest weekly Dutch business magazine, 3/2003-9/2005);
    - regular op-ed contributions to Dutch newspapers and magazines.
  • Coordinates:

Faculty of Economics and Business
University of Groningen

PO Box 800
9700 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)50-3638698


Personal homepage: Harry Garretsen

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