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Ring-opening polymerization of emulsion-templated deep eutectic system monomer for macroporous polyesters with controlled degradability

Aerenchyma tissue of Juncus effusus L.: a novel resource for sustainable natural cellulose foams

Lightweight Triboelectric Nanogenerators Based on Hollow Stellate Cellulose Films Derived from Juncus effusus L. Aerenchyma

Scalable and Degradable Dextrin-Based Elastomers for Wearable Touch Sensing

Graphene oxide decorated with gold enables efficient biophotovolatic cells incorporating photosystem I

Continuity of Genetic Risk for Aggressive Behavior Across the Life-Course

Effects of NH3 and alkaline metals on the formation of particulate sulfate and nitrate in wintertime Beijing

Distinctions in source regions and formation mechanisms of secondary aerosol in Beijing from summer to winter

Genetic and environmental contributions to the association between ADHD symptoms and unhealthy dietary habits in adulthood: a large population-based twin study

Investigating sex-specific effects of familial risk for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders in the Swedish population

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