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prof. dr. H.W. Hoen

Professor of International Political Economy
prof. dr. H.W. Hoen

Participation in research projects

Governance in Emerging Economies. This project is financed by the Volkswagen Stiftung and it aims to scrutinize the role of the state in promoting economic growth and development in countries with a Soviet legacy. It concerns a collaboration with Prof. dr. Joachim Ahrens and Dr. Christian Timm (Private University of Applied Sciences, Göttingen, Germany), who share academic responsibility for the project. 

Emerging Market Economies in Central Asia. This project is financed by the Volkswagen Stiftung and is directed and supervised by Prof. dr. Joachim Ahrens (Private University of Applied Sciences, Göttingen, Germany).

SinGA project. This project is financed by the World Bank and hosted by Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG). Dr. Ron Holzhacker, founding father of SinGA, is supervizing the project that focuses on good governance in Indonesia. The participation involves PhD supervision.

Supervision of PhD candidates

Farrukh Irnazarov, preparing a PhD thesis on the role of institutional complementarities in emerging markets in Post-Soviet Central Asia (supervision together with Prof. dr. Joachim Ahrens / Private University of Applied Sciences, Göttingen).

Kuswanto, preparing a PhD thesis on the foreign direct investments in Indonesia form a mulit-levle governance perspective (supervision together with Dr. Ron Holzhacker). 

Liang Yi, preparing a PhD thesis on China's transformation and the institutional changes in the transfer of construction land (supervision together with Prof. dr. Peter Ho).

Completed supervision of PhD theses

Carel Hendrik Horstmeier, Stiefkind der Staatengemeinschaft. Die Anerkennungspolitik der DDR in Westeuropa 1949-1973, 20 Februari 2014, University of Groningen (Supervision together with Prof. dr. Friso Wielenga / Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, who served as second promoter).

Ulla Dorothea Pape, Civil Society and the Politics of HIV/AIDS in Russia, 15 March 2012, University of Groningen (Supervision together with Dr. Joost Herman and Dr. Bernd Rechel, who served as co-promoter).

Werner Frans Yvonne Scheltjens, De invloed van ruimtelijke verandering op operationele strategieën in de vroeg-moderne Nederlandse scheepvaart: Een case-studie over the Nederlandse scheepvaart in de Finse Golf en op Archangel, 1703-1740 (The influence on operational strategies in early-modern Dutch maritime shipping: a case-study on Dutch maritime shipping in the Gulf of Finland and on Archangel, 1703-1740), 28 May 2009, University of Groningen (Supervision together with Dr. George Welling, who served as co-promoter).

Christiaan Willem Prins, Argued Consensus or Bargained Compromise: A Governance Approach to Assessing the Legitimacy of European Commission Legislative Proposals, 16 October 2008, University of Groningen (Supervision together with Dr. Gerda van Roozendaal, who served as co-promoter).

Niels van der Bijl, De Internationale Politieke Economie van transformatie: De totstandkoming van privatiseringsbeleid in postsocialistisch Polen (The International Political Economy of Transformation. The Emergence of Privatisation Policy in Post-Socialist Poland), 06 September 2007, University of Groningen.

Sipke de Hoop, Met vallen en opstaan: Vijf jaar Nederlands hulpbeleid in Midden- en Oost-Europa (1989–1993) (Trial and Error. Five Years of Dutch Aid Policy in Central and Eastern Europe (1989-1993)), 19 January 2006, University of Groningen (supervision together with Prof. dr. Hans Renner, who served as first promoter).

Johannes Casparus Platje, Institutional Change and Poland’s Economic Performance since the 1970s – Incentives and Transaction Costs, 30 September 2004, University of Groningen.

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