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How to find us dr. H.G. (Rina) Knoeff

dr. H.G. Knoeff

Associate Professor with ius promovendi
dr. H.G. Knoeff

In my teaching I devise courses based on my research whenever possible. I find it rewarding and important for students to be able to engage with current research. They often offer unexpected and thought-provoking questions and ideas. I also ensure I take students into the museum as often as I can. I find that teaching with objects draws students out off their comfort zone and gives them surprising and tangible glimpses of past ideas and practices.

University of Groningen

Sources and Methods in Cultural History (BA1 and 2). Introduction into approaches and methodologies of finding and reading primary sources.

Beautiful Bodies. Health, Exercise and Aesthetics (Antiquity to 1800) (BA1). An introduction into cultural history of the pre-modern body.

Making Modern Science in the Netherlands (BA2). An introduction into history of early modern science in the Netherlands with special reference to the historiography of the Scientific Revolution.

Framing Science: Histories of Science and Medicine in Western Culture (BA3). Based on key moments in the history of science this course analyses how historians have explained and debated the importance of scientific discoveries and developments within particular historical and cultural frameworks.

Workshop Public History (BA3). This course is about the many different ways in which academically trained historians communicate with public audiences. The course also introduces students to the jobmarket outside academia. 

Atelier Living Heritage (MA). During this course Master students learn how to apply historial knowledge and skills in public and private organisations dealing with heritage (e.g. museums, archives, publishing houses and city councils). In particular, the course is directed a communicating academic historical knowledge to public audiences.

The Unknown Enlightenment: Body, Health and Healing (MA). This course moves away from the traditional Enlightenment focus on mind, reason and politics and analyses how the Enlightenment was to an important extend health related and medical. 

A healthy appetite for food and diet. Masterclass with Elizabeth Williams (Oklahoma State University) on the history of eating (June 2017).

 Leiden University

Babes in Bottles: Anatomical Collections in Context (MA, Art History). This research-driven course involved a cross-over of academia and various academic collections. 

PhD Supervision

2008-2012: Aesthesis in Anatomy. Materiality and Elegance in the 18th Century Leiden Anatomical Collections (Marieke Hendriksen). Thesis published with Brill in 2015

2009-2013: Preparations on the Move. The Leiden Anatomical Collections in the 19th Century (Hieke Huistra). Thesis was awarded a silver medal of the Teyler's Scientific Society Haarlem in 2016 and was published with Routledge in 2018.

2013-2018: Blood, Sweat and Tears (Ruben Verwaal). Thesis is part of the 'Vital Matters' project and is on the Enlightenment physiology of the bodily fluids. Thesis accepted for publication by Palgrave Macmillan.

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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands