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How to find us B.A.M. (Bashar) Fteiha, LLM

B.A.M. Fteiha, LLM

PhD Researcher
B.A.M. Fteiha, LLM

Previously as a paralegal for DMDB law firm, I worked closely with lawyers to provide paralegal support on a number of high-priority cases and projects and managed to gain a good grasp of how research applies in practice as I was in charge of conducting several researches on various legal topics. In February 2020 I obtained my LL.M. with honours at the University of Gent (supervised by Prof. dr. Hans De Wulf ), with a thesis entitled "The Role of Proxy Advisory Firms in Corporate Governance". As my interest in legal research developed over time, I have cultivated a strong aspiration to thoroughly study the potential impact of technological innovations such as Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) on our society and how the law should regulate such innovations. 

Therefore, since April 2021 I have been working as a PhD Researcher at the RUG Faculty of Law. The Working Title of my PhD is "Regulating Technological Innovation from a Law and Economics Perspective: How can the law be formulated to strengthen the Cyber-Security of Autonomous Vehicles?". In light of the fact that the Law and Economics approach views legal rules as a system of incentives guiding future actions, my research intends to employ the theory of optimal law enforcement to examine which enforcement law mechanism will be more suitable for providing incentives structures that gear the actions of the main actors towards achieving a high level of security in AVs. Accordingly, the research makes use of the theory of optimal enforcement to study how legal rules can be structured where individual incentives are harnessed to achieve the stipulated goal.

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9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands