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dr. A.M. Martinez

Assistant Professor, American Political Culture and Theory (tenured)
dr. A.M. Martinez

Settler Catholicism

This project situates Catholic missionaries and their boosters in the early twentieth century within the growing field of settler colonial studies. I theorize settler Catholicism as a phenomenon whereby American Catholics position themselves as "friends of the Indian" in contradistinction to Protestant missionaries and American government representatives, who seek to separate indigenous peoples from their history, culture, and religion. This draws, in part, on the Catholic legacy of French and Spanish missionaries in the Americas centuries earlier.

The Politics of Suffering

Drawing on African American and Mexican religious ritual in Chicago in the 20th and 21st centuries, this project analyzes the role of Catholic performances of the Living Stations of the Cross in political mobilizations among communities of color. I argue that the via crucis or Way of the Cross is used by Mexican Catholics in Chicago to bring the community together and point to the shared suffering and shared interests of Mexicans in the city to support and generate political mobilization.

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