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Identification of a 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase (DXS) mutant with improved crystallographic properties

Potential Dental Biofilm Inhibitors: Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry Affords Sugar-Based Molecules that Target Bacterial Glucosyltransferase

Unveiling Adatoms in On-Surface Reactions: Combining Scanning Probe Microscopy with van’t Hoff Plots

Discovery of Small-Molecule Stabilizers of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions via Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry

Flotillin-mediated membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement

Optimized Inhibitors of MDM2 via an Attempted Protein-Templated Reductive Amination

Protein-Templated Hit Identification through an Ugi Four-Component Reaction**

Rapid Discovery of Aspartyl Protease Inhibitors Using an Anchoring Approach

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 2-Substituted Analogues of (-)-Pentenomycin I

7-Hydroxycoumarins are Affinity-based Fluorescent Probes for Competitive Binding Studies of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor

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