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Emergency number 8050

When a calamity occurs... call 8050

In the event of a calamity at the University of Groningen you must ring the internal alarm number 8050. Do not call 112 or any other general numbers yourself! The number 8050 will put you in direct contact with the University’s Main Control Room (CMK).

One of the advantages of using 8050 is that the CMK knows the situation at the University of Groningen and can therefore quickly determine the location of the emergency. The CMK has a direct line to the emergency services’ control room, so external emergency services can arrive even more quickly than if you call 112. Another advantage is that the CMK can quickly alert the In-House Emergency Services.

Title Alarmnumber 8050
Faculty/service Health, Safety and environment (AMD)
Subject the internal alarm number 8050

Keywords alarm, prevention, 8050, emergency, alert
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Date of production 08-09-2011
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