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The Jantina Tammes School for Digital Society, Technology and AI organizes inter- and multidisciplinary research addressing versatile challenges. The School unites researchers from different backgrounds, from science and technology to humanities and social sciences, to work together to solve complex issues. We’re convinced everyone can make better use of technology. We aim to bring people together to research and experience first-hand what digitalization and AI can contribute to their lives.

Research areas 

The Jantina Tammes School works on both large and small projects, in corporation with large international industries as well as small or medium sized local businesses. Our goal ‘digital prosperity for all’ is not limited to one focus group or specific type or size organization, Generally, we focus on three types of research:

  • Consortium projects – large projects in corporation with industry, other businesses, government, research and innovation parties, education institutes or multiple faculties of the UG.
  • Phd projects - defined pieces of original research by a PhD student to earn a doctoral degree, guided by supervisors from different faculties and backgrounds. 
  • Seed projects – smaller and defined projects with input from different faculties. 

All our research projects transcend faculties and disciplines. Experts and students from various backgrounds and organizations are involved. The Jantina Tammes School does not replace these faculties but brings a plus with organizing interdisciplinary research.

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