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Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Pre-University Academy has created the web classes to give high school students a better picture of what it is like to study at a university. We hereby put the focus on the content and the methods of a Bachelor’s programme. This way, you can experience what the first year of your study will look like.

Liberl Arts and Sciences
Liberl Arts and Sciences

In the web class of Liberal Arts and Sciences offered by the University College Groningen you will get a short but elaborate overview of what our programme stands for. In this web class we will show you what it is like to navigate a diverse study trajectory and work with intercultural groups. We will take a look at important and multidisciplinary topics such as climate change and intercultural competences. Aside from that this web class will give a brief taste of what it is like to explore the sciences, social sciences and humanities courses. In the second and third week of the course we will discover topics such as genetics and human rights. Over the course of 4 weeks we will take you as a prospective student and introduce you to the rich community and broad range of subjects liberal arts and science has to offer!


Enrolment for the web classes is now closed. The enrollment for the extra web classes round opens on the 15th of March at 10:00.

Caution! Not all web classes are included in this extra round. These web classes are included.

If you have any questions regarding this web class, you can reach us at webklassen or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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