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Media Studies

Media are central to our daily lives. In this web class we will show you how to study and understand the role of media in contemporary society. We will take a closer look at media organizations, the content they produce and how people use media. This web class introduces you to the BA in Media Studies and how students and lecturers explore the impact of media on the world.
Media Studies
Media Studies

In the first week we’ll explain why we should study media to understand the changes in contemporary society. In week 2 you will discuss if and how media are central to your daily life and you will make a media diary in which you explore your media use. In week 3 we will discuss Facebook and delve into the characteristics of this media platform. Finally, in week 4 you will look at media content and compare the framing of news from different cultural angles.

The web class is only offered in English because this is an international and English taught BA programme! However, you are allowed to submit your questions and assignments in Dutch or English.


De webklasinschrijving is op dit moment gesloten. Op 1 oktober kun je je weer inschrijven voor de nieuwe ronde webklassen, die loopt van 4 november t/m 1 december 2019.

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