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Industrial Engineering & Management

During the four weeks of this web class you will explore some of the different aspects of the BA Industrial Engineering & Management. The focus of this web class will be on smart grids.

Industrial Engineering & Management
Industrial Engineering & Management

Industrial Engineering & Management

During the BA Industrial Engineering and Management you will learn to translate new technologies into practical solutions, like sustainable production processes or new products.

In this English-taught Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, students learn to analyze problems and develop, design and apply solutions. A technical solution is only useful if you have thoroughly tested its feasibility. What is that new product going to cost? Will it fit in the production line? What do the company’s employees think of it? And the customers?

Web class

This web class is about smart grids. Nowadays a lot of renewable energy resources such as wind and sunlight are used. However, this poses some unique problems. Most renewable energy resources are not always available. For example there is no sunlight during the night and some days it is more windy than other days. Smart grids integrate smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources and other devices to solve these problems. The smart grid can for example charge your car when there is an excess of energy and stop charging when there is a high demand.


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