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Global Responsibility and Leadership

The Global Responsibility & Leadership (GRL) web class gives you a first taste of what studying Global Responsibility & Leadership looks like. During the four weeks of the web class you will be introduced to a variety of academic disciplines and lecturers, representative of the first year of the GRL programme.

Global Responsibility and Leadership
Global Responsibility and Leadership

Global Responsibility and Leadership

The BSc GRL programme at University College Fryslân is a scientifically rigorous, international and transdisciplinary programme dedicated to addressing global challenges and finding local solutions. Our three year bachelor programme is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and consists of input from Human and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Information Technology.

Web class

The disciplines that will be addressed in this web class are: Politics, Global Health, Earth System Sciences and Psychology. Each week we will explore one of these disciplines, but the common thread throughout the programme is the link to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Every web class starts with an introductory e-lecture and throughout the four weeks you will complete various readings and assignments. The web class is offered in English because Global Responsibility & Leadership is an international and English taught bachelor programme.


Enrolment for the web classes is now closed. The enrollment for the extra web classes round opens on the 15th of March at 10:00.

Caution! Not all web classes are included in this extra round.

If you have any questions regarding this web class, you can reach us at webklassen or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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