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European Languages & Cultures

In this web class, you’ll get an introduction to each of these three profiles in three short lectures (week 1 to 3). You’ll read relevant literature, make a summary of every lecture, and answer a couple of questions. In the final week of the web class you’ll write a short essay about one of the lectures, based on the information that you got.

European Languages & Cultures
European Languages & Cultures

The degree programme in European Languages and Cultures (ELC) is designed to meet the growing need for academic trained experts with:

  • a deep understanding of the major social, political, cultural and linguistic questions in and about Europe today, and
  • excellent language skills in one or two of the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch as a foreign language, Russian, Spanish or Swedish.
  • By studying the key linguistic, political, cultural and social topics of contemporary Europe, you will learn to understand the mutual relationship, differences and similarities among national and regional cultures. In doing so, you will be able to understand future challenges and inform advanced decision-making in cultural, political and educational institutions.
  • This web class will be structured as follows. For the first week you will be introduced to the languages that the programme offers. You will have to choose two of them and complete the related assignments.

Regarding the following three weeks, every week you will watch a short lecture (up to 20 minutes) about one of the profiles and complete two assignments. One will be related to the main concepts explained in the lectures; whereas, the second one will focus on applying these concepts to your experience and/or to contemporary examples.


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