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European Languages & Cultures

In this web class, you’ll get an introduction to each of these three profiles in three short lectures (week 1 to 3). You’ll read relevant literature, make a summary of every lecture, and answer a couple of questions. In the final week of the web class you’ll write a short essay about one of the lectures, based on the information that you got.
European Languages & Cultures
European Languages & Cultures

The major European Languages and Cultures combines learning a modern language (English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian or Italian) with a specific view on European history and topicality. You can choose different profiles. Culture and Literature deals with European developments in arts, literature, music and film. Language and Society teaches you about the origins and the constant changes of standardlanguages, certain pronunciations and dialects. Politics and Society provides you with more knowledge about political and social questions that have characterized Europe, and are still up-to-date.


De webklasinschrijving is op dit moment gesloten. Op 1 oktober kun je je weer inschrijven voor de nieuwe ronde webklassen, die loopt van 4 november t/m 1 december 2019.

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