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Economics and Business Economics

During this webclass you will learn more about what the study of Economics and Business Economics at the University of Groningen looks like. Our web classes give you insight in the type of content you will engage in within the BSc E&BE program.

Economics and Business Economics
Economics and Business Economics

Web class

In the web class you will be introduced to various subjects in the field of Economics and Business Economics. During the four weeks of this web class, we will cover four broad domains that are studied in a number of courses of the E&BE program in detail by means of case studies and problem sets that you need to solve and answer.

In week one, you will learn about how economists look at economic activities at the macro-economic level and how such activities can be measured and interpreted. Week two invites you to analyse the financial statements and strategic decision making of the company Netflix, whereas in week three you will evaluate Netflix by examining their cash flows and how they generate financial value, for example by means of an acquisition. The web class concludes in week 4 with an introduction to the field of micro-economics. In this final web class you will study the economic behaviour of consumer and producers on the Groningen housing rental market.

Please note: this web class is entirely in English, just like the study itself. Therefore, your answers should also be in English.

Enrolment closed

The webclasses will be hosted again in the fall. Registration for this round will open on 14 October.

Do you have questions about the web class? Have a look at the frequently asked questions or send an email to webklassen

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